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Pre-Enrollment Special at Split Second Response Personal Protection

Offer Valid: 07/15/2024 - 07/31/2024
Learn to stay safe in these turbulent times!
Split Second Response is expanding and moving from Antioch to Oakley. At Split Second Response, we teach a unique and holistic personal protection and self-defense program called Conditioned Combat Response. Everything, including martial arts and personal protection training, must evolve to be relevant. Today's threats and acts of violence differ from those we faced twenty or even five years ago. To meet the dangers posed by society, our founder, former U.S. Marine and Police Officer Dr. Tim Calvin, Ed.D., combined concepts, training methods, and elements from the U.S. Marines, law enforcement, SWAT, Undercover Narcotics, and 30 years of training in the martial arts into a comprehensive, simplistic, effective, and realistic self-defense system that includes the following: 
  • Situational Awareness 
  • Threat Assessment
  • De-Escalation Skills  
  • Unarmed Self-Defense (Boxing, Kickboxing, BJJ, Krav Maga, and Arnis) 
  • Dealing with Multiple Attackers
  • Bully Prevention and Stranger Awareness (For Children)
  • Armed Self-Defense (Stick and Knife Fighting / Less-Lethal Options)
  • Weapon Disarms (Knives and Guns)
  • Fundamental and Practical Firearms Training (SWAT tactics from a civilian perspective)
  • First Aid and CPR Training
Sign up for our phenomenal Pre-Enrollment Offer. Space is limited, so don't hesitate. Click the link and schedule your private lesson today. This offer is only good until July 31, 2024. You will receive: 
  • 1 FREE Private Lesson! 
  • 3 FREE Weeks of Group Class!
  • 10% Discount on Tuition! 
  • 1 FREE T-Shirt! 
Space is limited, so sign up now!

This Hot Deal is promoted by Brentwood Chamber of Commerce - CA.

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