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About Us

Started off as boba tea lovers ...
Established since 2016.

A premium bubble tea shop, rooted in Taiwan, flourishing in California and growing fast. It all started off as boba tea lovers...

Born out of a shared love for boba tea, the founders embarked on a global quest, exploring tea shops, plantations, and manufacturers. Beyond seeking the perfect cup, they envisioned creating a welcoming space for friends and family to gather, share experiences, and enjoy excellent boba tea. TEAZENTEA is not just a business; it's a passion project, a way of sharing love and positivity with customers. The brand values creating a peaceful environment where delicious drinks are savored, and moments are celebrated. TEAZENTEA aims to be more than a tea destination—it strives to be a community that spreads happiness and passion to everyone who walks through its doors.

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Valentines Love Series
Dragon Fruit Series
Lunar Special Drinks

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